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8-Inch Thick Wall Pallet House Concept

A couple weeks ago I posted an alternative concept for a tiny house built from shipping pallets that simply used half pallets (24″ by 40″) as building blocks to form walls. I chose 24-inch walls for that first post because they can be cut from 2-way and 4-way pallets without any waste. It also seemed […]

Micro Dwellings by N55

Here’s another micro home concept from the artists of N55. It’s a housing system constructed from truncated octahedrons. Due to the perfect symmetry of a truncated octahedron multiple units can be joined to form larger more complex structures. It has 8 regular hexagonal faces and 6 square faces. When assembled these flat faces also form […]

Small Concrete Pipe House – Part 5

If you’ve discovered our forum,, you may have seen these designs by Scott. I wanted to post them here because it was a very clever solution for someone wanting to build a house from concrete storm drain pipe. I’m not sure that’s what Scott had in mind but his solution seems like the perfect […]

32 x 8 Mobile Tiny House Concept

This morning Kent Griswold posted a design concept on his Tiny House Blog. It’s a design that Bill Kastrinos of Tortoise Shell Homes is considering adding to the tiny houses he builds. The main difference with this newest model is it’s size, 32 feet long by 8 feet wide. I think the larger size will […]

Bruce’s Maine Cabin

On TinyHouseForum Bruce from Maine posted a sketch of a floor plan of a 12′ by 22′ backyard shed he’s thinking of turning into a tiny house. He’s experimenting with several novel ideas like combining the bedroom & bathroom and having a cabinet suspented on rollers over the bathtub in order to better use that […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 4

In part 3 I presented an idea for a larger 512 square foot home with moving walls and invited people to suggest ideas for part 4. EJ challenged me by asking for more detail and to show how this little house could actually support a family of three full time. Here is EJ’s comment: EJ […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 3

As promised, for part 3 of this design study I’ve left the world of tiny houses for a moment to explore the cavernous expanses of a sprawling 512 square foot space. After drawing tiny houses, 512 square feet seemed huge. In fact I was able to easily squeeze 3 private bedrooms, a bathroom, and some […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 2

In the first round of playing with the idea of moving walls I based the design on a 16′ by 16′ footprint. Since I like challenges I decided to go smaller this time but keep the same requirements of being livable for a happy couple with the occasional visit of another couple for dinner. This […]

Single Hauz

I couldn’t find too many details (like a floor plan) on this tiny house concept from Poland but the pictures say a lot. Basically the idea is that this billboard inspired house could be place almost anywhere and is intended to a single person or couple to live in. I think its a really interesting […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 1

Here is a crazy idea, a house with moving walls. A while back I designed (but never built) a wall system for our guest bedroom, which is also my home office. I wanted to cram a bunch of functionality into one room so I came up with an idea of building a 24″ deep floor […]