Nine Tiny Feet 3D Model

I’m really starting to have fun with Google SketchUp. Last weekend I started this drawing simply to give myself practice with SketchUp. Tonight I put the finishing touches on it. It’s a design I came up with last year called Nine Tiny Feet, a nine square foot house. Actually I came up with the Tiny Free House idea and this design at virtually the same time but decided to build the Tiny Free House first. When I finish that house I hope to build this one.

The design includes all the main elements that make up a house. Only the shell is represented in this 3D drawing but the final house would have a toilet, sink, 12VDC cooler, propane heater, bed, chair, fold-down table, and storage. I came up with the size by asking myself how what the absolute minimum amount of space would be needed for someone to live. I did a quick calculation in my head of the amount of space I took up while laying down and came up with nine square feet.

Since I like a design challenge I then asked myself If I’d need anymore space and quickly came up with a couple ways of cramming all essential items into nine square feet. The design you see here is the result of trying a few other ideas. I even built a few models in foam core about a year ago to help me land on this simple approach.

The floor space is 38″ by 34″ which is just shy of nine square feet. Additional space is provided by bay windows which would contain some cabinets and shelves. The loft would provide the sleeping area. Lofts and bay windows are not technically included in square footage so I figured it was fair game to use them to get a tiny bit more space.

The entire main room would be water proof and a shower drain would be installed in the floor allowing the occupant to shower. A composting toilet would site below the hinged bench seating. Clothing and other personal items would be stored in the loft and on high shelves.

The only part I’m not sure how to handle, and I think I’ll need to have it framed before I’ll land on the final solution, is how would I get up into the loft and then close the trap door behind me so my feet don’t hang into the lower area. I guess I’ll just have to built it and figure it out. A 3D model is pretty useful for picturing the concept but some thing just have to be worked out for real.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this crazy idea as much as I do. Below is a video that shows more detail than the image above. I’ve also added 10 screen shots of the 3D drawing to the Nine Tiny Feet project blog if you want to get a better look.


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