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Tiny House Project -F-o-r- -S-a-l-e- SOLD

Jonathan has been busy building this tiny house but now needs to sell it. The house is located in Gainesville, Florida and he’s asking $5,000 for it in it’s current semi-complete state. Here’s what Jonathan told me about the house. It measures 92″ wide by 16′ long. The main floor is 16′ long but with […]

Patrick’s Pallet House on Wheels

Back in September I reported on a pallet house being built by a fellow in Lakeland, Florida named Patrick. He’s using discarded shipping pallets for the walls and has framed the roof with conventional lumber. This was a very wise choice and should make the roof much safer. At every opportunity he’s scrounging low cost and […]

Little Fort Repose

Heather has been busy collecting building materials for her tiny house on wheels. Like my Tiny Free House project, her house should cost her nothing but sweat equity by the time she’s done. She’s accomplishing this goal by scrounging free building materials and selling all the extra free stuff she can find. So far Heather has been […]