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Steel Framed Tiny House Kits now Available

I first learned about the benefits of steel framed tiny houses about 10 years ago from a friend who used to build them in Sonoma County, California. They are lighter and stronger than wood, which is perfect for creating tiny houses better suited for travel. The main challenge with steel back then was that it […]

Tiny House Activism: Help Get Appendix Q Passed In Montana

There are not enough places to live tiny legally. So, the tiny house community works constantly to inspire lawmakers to create more tiny-friendly laws. The folks at the American Tiny House Association are leading the charge. Here’s the latest: If you live in Montana, have ties there, or just want to see tiny houses made […]

I want your house in my upcoming books!

For tiny house builders… My next book will be titled The Ultimate Tiny House Builders Collection. It will feature tiny houses made by professional builders. There is no cost for Tiny House Builders to include two houses in the book –  I want every builder represented. The submission period is coming to an end on May 31, 2018. […]

Have You Built One of My Designs?

Have you built one of my tiny house designs? I’ve offered free and loft cost tiny house plans since 2008, and I’ve seen houses built with my plans in person and in a few photos – but I’d love to see more. If you’ve built one of my designs, and can send some photos I […]

Coming This Summer… The Ultimate Tiny House Builders Collection

Let me run an idea past you… I’d love to hear what the tiny house community thinks about this idea. I’ve been writing about the tiny house movement since 2008, and over the years I’ve learned a lot from my readers. For example I know what kind of articles you want me to write, what […]

Hands-on Tiny House Workshops with Tiny Home Builders

The folks at Tiny Home Builders just posted their 2018 Workshop Calendar. They have six workshops on the schedule this year and will also be offering for the first time a women’s-only workshop. Can’t attend in person? No worries! Two of the workshops will be streamed live right to your home computer, tablet or smart phone! […]

Tiny House Design Holiday Giveaway has Ended

On November 30th we’ll randomly select four winners. Enter for a chance to win! One Grand Prize Winner: 1 3D Printed Tiny House Miniature 1 Signed Copy of 101 Tiny House Designs 6 Tiny House Stencils 3 Tiny House Coloring Books All Our Digital Tiny House Plans Three Runners-up: Signed Copy of 101 Tiny House […]

#1 New Release in Architectural Drafting & Presentation

The book has been out for just over a week and 101 Tiny House Designs is the #1 New Release in Architectural Drafting & Presentation on Amazon. 101 Tiny House Designs is a book of ideas and illustrations for tiny house dreamers. Designing tiny houses is a balancing act, especially for the smallest homes. Each […]

Pick The Best of 101 Tiny House Designs

A few folks have already asked if I plan on making 3D Printed Scale Models and Tiny House Plans from the 101 Tiny House Designs in my new book – the answer is yes. But as a one man band I have to pick which tiny houses to focus on first. I have my personal […]

How Would You Review 101 Tiny House Designs?

The first review on my new book (101 Tiny House Designs)  just came in… and it’s from Tiny House Blogger Alex Pino. Take a look at the review posted on Amazon. Have you gotten an eBook copy yet? What do you think?  If so tell the community what you think on Amazon. Waiting for the […]

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