Raising #tinyhouse awareness without getting naked

As a short fun experiment, I’ve drawn up a bunch of t-shirt designs – now available through Teespring for a few days. Pictured above are a few I drew this morning, but to see them all visit the Tiny House Design Teespring page.

I’ve kept the cost of the shirts at just $18. There are women’s and men’s shirts available of all sizes. My primary objective is to help spread tiny house awareness (notice no branding on the t-shirts – only the occasional #tinyhouse hashtag).

I wear t-shirts all the time, and so part of my motivation for this tiny sidetrack is a personal wardrobe refresh. I like to spread tiny house awareness where ever I go. I also don’t look too good naked, so clothes are a must. 🙂

The shirts will not be permanently available, but from time to time I’ll post new designs. If you have an idea for a shirt, hoodie, etc that you’d like to see let me know in the comments.

tiny house tshirts just for fun

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