Tiny Resolutions

2016 was a tough year for many, including myself. I’m much more hopeful for 2017 – not sure why – and I don’t think it has anything to do with politics. Although maybe the whole divisive political atmosphere of 2016 was more of an emotional drag than I realized.

But now is the time for resolutions – a new start – small life changes. The tiny house movement inspired me back in 2008 to start some major rethinking of priorities and today I feel equally inspired. But simple changes that are easily implemented seem to stick the best, at least for me. So I plan to:

  • Move More – I’m going to get out of the house more and get myself moving. When one works from home it’s easy to slip into a static life.
  • Create More – I’m happiest when designing and drawing – creating.
  • Downsize More – The number one thing that slows me down is clutter and disorder. Unfortunately these things creep up on us so easily. So I plan on creating a step in my daily routine where I organize or eliminate something I don’t regularly use.

To help build these three simple things into my daily routine I’m going to post a simple sign in my home office as a reminder.

What are your tiny resolutions? Please post your ideas below.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Resolutions

  1. AVD says:

    Always observe closely and offer constructive review comments with the intent being to help make things better and to encourage others to take the time to review the built-environment with a critical eye.

  2. alice h says:

    Your resolutions are very similar to mine, though I don’t actually think of them as New Year resolutions, just more of general guidelines to follow starting when you first think of them. I also have to recognise when good enough is good enough and waiting for perfection can mean things might never happen.

  3. Cbris says:

    My name is Chris Schlegel and I live in Northern California in an area called or known as Pollock Pines more specifically we are on the backside of jenkinson reservoir which is known as Sly Park Lake on a hundred and forty Acres along with two other partners we are in the beginning stages of becoming a tiny home manufacturer what’s going to set us a side from most is the fact that our land is zoned for logging mean we can cut timber and we have a portable sawmill on site which allows us to make our own Lumber shingles siding or trim work we have a cabinet shop on site we can make her own Cabinetry we have a Woodworking Shop 2000 square foot building that allows us to do many many different things so my point is as we are able to produce 90% of all the wood material used in a tiny home on site using our trees produced by Armel on-site but lately I’ve been looking more and more towards what it would take to develop a community for tiny homes the property is absolutely beautiful it is adjacent jenkinson Reservoir which is Sly Park Lake and it’s kind of a summertime destination if you will for equestrian Riders Backpackers mountain bikers anything outdoors we have two or three trout streams that run through the property just a ton of potential here we are currently building for tiny homes right now as models give me a call or leave me an email and tell me what you think maybe you can put me in touch with some people that have already done what I’m about to do witches develop a community of sortsn

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