Tiny House Activism: Help Get Appendix Q Passed In Montana

There are not enough places to live tiny legally. So, the tiny house community works constantly to inspire lawmakers to create more tiny-friendly laws. The folks at the American Tiny House Association are leading the charge. Here’s the latest:

If you live in Montana, have ties there, or just want to see tiny houses made legal in the state, please contact the following people and let them know.

Montana is considering adopting Appendix Q: Tiny Houses from the 2019 International Residential Code (IRC) and they want to hear from people who want the Appendix adopted.

So far they have received very little communication regarding the topic to date so they really need to hear from all of us.


It’s simple… contact them by email and say:

  1. Hi, my name is…
  2. I’m emailing (or calling) to request that Montana adopt Appendix Q: Tiny Houses from the 2018 IRC.
  3. Thank you for your consideration of this important decision.


If you prefer to call, you can find their phone numbers on the Montana.gov website.

Thanks for your help! Please share this news with folks that also want to help. Every tiny house friendly law, ordinance, and building code is a giant step in the right direction.

Image: Canva.com


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