Have You Built One of My Designs?

Have you built one of my tiny house designs? I’ve offered free and loft cost tiny house plans since 2008, and I’ve seen houses built with my plans in person and in a few photos – but I’d love to see more.

If you’ve built one of my designs, and can send some photos I can share on TinyHouseDesign.com, I’ll send you a link to download free all the SketchUp drawings I made to create my last book, 101 Tiny House Designs.

There are exactly 101 SketchUp files in this download. They are not framing plans, but easily customized SketchUp drawings that anyone can learn to edit.

SketchUp can be tough to learn if you start a drawing from scratch. When you start with an existing drawing that was made to be easily edited – it’s a quick study. Take a look at the tutorial and you’ll see what I mean.

See the SKetchUp tutorial here >>>

Anyway… back to tiny house photos… if you’ve built one of my designs, send in the photos to [email protected] and I’ll reply with the download link. Even if you’ve customized the design a bit – that counts for the free download. I’d love to see what you’ve created. Thanks!

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