How to Customize an Existing Tiny House SketchUp Drawings

SketchUp is the 3D drawing software I use to draw my tiny house designs. Like any new software, SketchUp can be challenging to learn at first – but I have a better way to start.

The SketchUp drawings I made for the book 101 Tiny House Designs are now available. Starting a SketchUp drawing from scratch when you are new to the software is tough. Starting with an existing drawing like these is much much easier.

I’m working on an eCourse for Tiny House Design, but in the mean time I made a few videos that show how you can start with an existing SketchUp drawing and make it your own.

In the video below I show how to edit one of these drawings. If you want to give it a try, download the free sample file and get a free copy of SketchUp.

Download Free Sample SketchUp Drawing

Video Demo 1 of 4

Video Demo 2 of 4

Video Demo 3 of 4

Video Demo 4 of 4

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