How to Build Tiny – An Online Learning Opportunity

Keith and Olivia with Bohemian Cottages in Eugene, Oregon have just launched a Kickstarter called How to Build Tiny. They’ve been building tiny houses for about 8 years and are now adding online courses in DIY tiny house building education, called How to Build Tiny.

How to Build Tiny will offer 10 online courses:

  1. Logistics & Planning
  2. Working within the Rules (and Using Them to Your Advantage)
  3. Constructing the Structure
  4. Tiny House Electrical
  5. Tiny House HVAC
  6. Tiny House Plumbing
  7. Tiny House Space Saving Cabinetry, Staircases & Design
  8. Taking Your Tiny House Off the Grid
  9. Design Your Tiny House
  10. Financing and the Bigger Picture

They’ll also be offering:

  • Live 2-day Intensive Events
  • 3-D Blueprints of the Absolute Best Tiny House Designs We’ve Built and Seen
  • Monthly Webinars
  • How to Build Tiny 90-Day Success Program

To learn more fist their How to Build Tiny Kickstarter campaign or the Bohemian Cottages website.


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