Dee’s Workshop was a Smashing Success


A couple weeks ago Dee Williams mentioned to me that she and KT Anderson were going to host a one-day tiny house building workshop up in Portland, Oregon. It turns out the workshop was a big success and Tammy and Logan from RowdyKittens made the trip up to Portland and took these great photos. Dee also sent me a couple photos. When Dee and KT are ready to do it again I’ll be sure to announce it here on Tiny House Design.

Here’s part of what Dee told me:

The workshop was wonderful.  I think everyone left feeling tired and happy.  That’s what KT and i hoped to create… tired, happy, smart people… we got some great feedback for making the next workshop better.

They limited this class to eight participants but two people canceled leaving six. In the future they may expand the class size but they also want to keep it to a size that gives everyone the opportunity to learn and work with the tools. It’s a tricky balance but I suspect Dee and KT’s workshops will just get better and better over time.

Learn more about PAD and their workshops.

See all Tammy’s photos on Flickr.


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