#1 New Release in Architectural Drafting & Presentation

The book has been out for just over a week and 101 Tiny House Designs is the #1 New Release in Architectural Drafting & Presentation on Amazon.

101 Tiny House Designs is a book of ideas and illustrations for tiny house dreamers. Designing tiny houses is a balancing act, especially for the smallest homes. Each house is the result of a series of choices and compromises. Inside you’ll find 101 design concepts from 12 to 32 feet long. You’ll see a variety of styles, layouts, themes, and common patterns. If you’re designing your own home you can use the ideas here as building blocks to compose your ideal tiny house. Michael Janzen has been designing tiny houses since 2007.

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Do you have the book (or eBook version) yet? I’d love to hear your feedback in a review on Amazon or in the comments below.

eBook Version

The eBook version is just like the print version except you can browse it on your smart phone, tablet, and computer. The eBook version also makes it easy to print out specific designs. Get the eBook.

Tiny House Coloring Book

I’ve not mentioned it publicly yet, but I also put together a coloring book based on 101 Tiny House Designs. It’s intended as a fun activity for kids (and adults too!). You can find the Tiny House Coloring Book on Amazon.


Can I See All 101 Tiny House Designs?

Yes! Below is a preview of ALL the 101 Tiny House Designs you’ll see in this 400+ page book. To zoom in and get a better look, just click on the images.

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