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I was recently contacted by the folks at, a website that connects real people that own vacation rentals with real people looking for a place to stay. They would like to develop a collection of tiny house properties that are available as vacation rentals, so this is an invitation to check out and submit your tiny house vacation rental.

You can sign up at or contact Daniel directly at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

I also mentioned that tiny house owners need a way to connect with people who can offer a place to park their homes. One of the benefits of a tiny house on wheels is that you can move easily. The trouble is that it’s hard to find a friendly place to park. Daniel said he’d look into the possibility of developing this category on their website too.

If you do post your rental on be sure to share the link here in the comments. Below is a sample rental I found on their website that is located in Mendocino, California, the vacation spot Julia and I usually choose… and ironically a small coastal town filled with small houses.

6 thoughts on “Building a Tiny House Rental Collection on

  1. Hillary @ This Tiny House says:

    I love using AirBnB! I’m so glad you talked with them Michael. That would be GROUNDBREAKING if it could be used as sort of classified ads for the question that hasn’t properly been answered yet: WHERE DO I PARK MY TINY HOUSE?

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Thanks Hillary. I’m very hopeful too that they will be able to help fill the ‘parking tiny house’ need.

  2. Peter Kindness says:

    Hi Hillary,

    I’d never come across movable tiny houses before but I love the idea!

    My site, is like AirBnB but we also link people through friends and interests.

    Maybe you could start a group for Tiny House owners and they could offer parking places!? We could add a tag for Tiny House parking…if you send some listings my way, I’ll do what I can to help out. Thoughts welcome!

    Happy travels,

  3. Amie Acton says:

    So glad to hear it! When I’ve looked on that site before I’ve had a hard time pulling up actual tiny houses. Too often I’d end up with 7-bedroom “cottages”

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