Urban Rancher Wins Wind Turbine!

Great news! The Urban Rancher has won the wind turbine featured on Jetson Green last week.  This particular wind turbine is rated at 400W and has sells for $596 USD. This should be plenty of power for his off-grid home especially considering that he’ll have a few solar panels too.  He also made more progress last week on his cabin.

Congratulations E!

3 thoughts on “Urban Rancher Wins Wind Turbine!

  1. seth says:

    Congratulations to the Urban Rancher!!! I really enjoy his blog and am looking forward to following the progress of this installation!!! Awesome!!!

  2. -chase- says:

    Just read in the #12 isssue of the Tiny House NewsLetter you won the Wind Turbine – Congrats Urban Rancher!

    Look Forward to seeing the progress on your Tiny House as it comes along.

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