Tumbleweed Popomo

Tumbleweed Popomo - Exterior 2

The Popomo is a modern design by Jay Shafer, the original founder to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. It’s a sleek, simple, and their easiest house to build. The 8′ x 18′ footprint contains a small bedroom, living space, kitchen and bath – all on one floor.

Pictured here is an example with COR-TEN steel siding, which rusts over time to form a protective layer. If you don’t like the look of steel, wood siding like board and baton can be used instead.

While the roof appears flat, it actually has a slight slope to allow rainwater to fall off the back of the house. Stylistically this is a bit of a departure from the pitched roofed Tumbleweeds we’re accustomed to seeing.

The trailer the house is built atop is also a bit of a departure. It’s a true flatbed trailer with the bed fully above the wheels. Most tiny houses you’ll see use a trailer where the bed sits right above the axle. The advantage of the lower bed trailer is added vertical space for a loft. Since this design has no loft and has such strong horizontal lines it makes a lot of sense to put it on this taller flatbed trailer.

The photos below show a completed Popomo – the first I’ve seen. The weathered steel gives the house a rich look – but I imagine it’s also requires a bit of an acquired taste. In my mind I’m trying to imagine the house with a weathered redwood board and batten exterior – which I think I’d prefer – but the metal would most likely provide many more years of maintenance-lite living.

Tumbleweed Popomo - Exterior Tumbleweed Popomo - Exterior 3 Tumbleweed Popomo - Exterior Entry Tumbleweed Popomo - Kitchen 2 Tumbleweed Popomo - Kitchen Tumbleweed Popomo - Interior View Tumbleweed Popomo - Kitchen Sink



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