Simple Solar Homesteading

I really enjoy Kent’s Tiny House Blog. He’s got so many posts to a lot of really hard to find tiny house resources. One of them is a post on a 400 square foot, 14′ by 14′ cabin in Utah built by a fellow named LaMar.

LaMar has taken his project one step farther and written a book on his experience and house. Included is a bunch of different ways of building stuff cheap. For example he explains how to build a solar cabin for less than $2000 and a solar panel and generator system for less than $1000. Great Stuff.

The Ebook is only $5.00 or you can buy a print copy via for about $15.00 plus shipping. I plan to buy it and when I’m done reading it I’ll post a short review here. For more information check out the Simple Solar Homesteading website. Photo credit to LaMar at Simple Solar Homesteading.


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