Simple Solar Homesteading

I really enjoy Kent’s Tiny House Blog. He’s got so many posts to a lot of really hard to find tiny house resources. One of them is a post on a 400 square foot, 14′ by 14′ cabin in Utah built by a fellow named LaMar.

LaMar has taken his project one step farther and written a book on his experience and house. Included is a bunch of different ways of building stuff cheap. For example he explains how to build a solar cabin for less than $2000 and a solar panel and generator system for less than $1000. Great Stuff.

The Ebook is only $5.00 or you can buy a print copy via for about $15.00 plus shipping. I plan to buy it and when I’m done reading it I’ll post a short review here. For more information check out the Simple Solar Homesteading website. Photo credit to LaMar at Simple Solar Homesteading.

3 thoughts on “Simple Solar Homesteading

  1. Uncle B says:

    Please explore the use of super-insulation and its technologies for reducing energy requirements for smaller houses.Address both heating and cooling. Consider cooking efficiencies. I used an “Electric Blanket” to reduce my heating bill in Northern Canada! Thermally correct windows save on heating/cooling here also.Ground heat/cool storage, another good saver, and pleas address modern refrigeration, We are being “hosed” on the current marketplace, Africans have Solar powered refrigeration units that work for free, using Einstein cycle fridges. Total Off Grid living in comfort a real possibility with some modern technologies incorporated. Soon, we will have depleted uranium super-batteries form U.S. Navy to solve power storage conundrum, and combined with NASA’s super-insulations, we will be off grid and running – no nukes needed! Love the domes, make them from foam, Japan does already! Talk about your super insulation! Sprayed with concrete for fire safety and strength, air tight and ideal for small house ideologies!Japanese domes come in pre molded pieces, glued together on-site! See net for details!

  2. Pam says:

    I would like to know if there is a list or blog or page where sonme of these homes are for sale etc >?

    where can i find it ?

    Thank You

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