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Last night I put the finishing touches on a 65 page house plan ebook. It’s called Tiny Prefab, A Do-It-Yourself Prefab Building System and contains the plans and instructions for creating tiny prefab structures that are easy to build from common building materials. The book is a bit of a hybrid between a set of plans and instructions for building and assembling a panelized prefab tiny house. A wide variety of sizes of buildings can be built but the roof plans in the ebook are designed for an 8-foot deep tiny house. The smallest size building is 8’ by 8’.  If more space is desired it’s length can be increased by increments of 4 feet so if you want a structure that us 8′ by 20′ this DIY prefab system will work fine. Below are small screen shots of all the pages in the ebook so you can get a good idea of what is included before you buy. Just click the thumbnails to see more.

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PDF format – 65 pages – $19.99
Includes complete plans and free ebook updates (Learn more about the free updates below)

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Now that this ebook is done I’ll get back on my regular blogging schedule by first whipping up the Tiny Prefab adaptation for the House for Khayelitsha which is a 16′ by 16′ version of the 8-foot wide tiny house in the ebook. It uses most of the same panels in the book. The main difference is that there will be a supporting wall down the center of the house and a different set of roof panels.


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