Twelve By Twelve – by William Powers

I’ve not read my copy of Twelve by Twelve yet, but I was happy to see that David at The Good Human has posted his review of this new book.

After spending some years abroad doing humanitarian work, William Powers came back to the U.S. and experienced a dose of culture shock. He had an opportunity to live in a tiny 12′ by 12′ off-grid tiny house in North Carolina. The book is less about living off the grid and more about questioning values, personal growth, and discovery.

Read David’s review of Twelve By Twelve – by William Powers

2 thoughts on “Twelve By Twelve – by William Powers

  1. Anne says:

    Just got done reading William’s book. Very thought provoking.

    See, be, do (you’ll have to read the book to know what that means 😉 ).

    The book is definitely more about reflections on the state of the world than how he lives in the little 12×12. I’ll have to check out his other books.

  2. Tammy says:

    I just started to read this Twelve by Twelve book and love it, takes my mind where I wish I could go. Just a corporate slave working 50 hours a week stuck in the corporate world sucking down coffee and sitting in traffic.

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