Little Fort Repose

Heather has been busy collecting building materials for her tiny house on wheels. Like my Tiny Free House project, her house should cost her nothing but sweat equity by the time she’s done. She’s accomplishing this goal by scrounging free building materials and selling all the extra free stuff she can find. So far Heather has been very successful in generating the ‘free cash’ she needs.

The house will be used primarily as a place to live when her family of five is eventually forced to evacuate when the inevitable hurricane threatens their home in Florida. So I guess you might also be able to call this little house a free-bug-out-house.

I really like the design she has come up with and have never considered putting the bathroom right in the middle of the house over the axels, but it makes total sense. It should make it easier to balance the trailer this way. You’ll also notice that the kitchen is a bit larger than many tiny houses but it makes sense too since they will be cooking for five for potentially extended periods of time.

Be sure to follow her progress at Little Fort Repose. Below are more samples of her design.


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