Derek & Hannah’s Tiny House is Done! Cost Just $34,667.23!

Congratulations Derek & Hannah!!! I’ve been following your tiny house build since the beginning and have never missed an episode. The tiny house television shows have got nothing on your Life Inside A Box YouTube Channel… so well done, not to mention REAL!

Quick Note to D&H: There’s just two weeks left to enter the Tiny House of the Year Competition – so snap those photos quick! Entry period ends October 31, 2016. Public voting begins November 1, 2016.

In this latest episode (#299!) Derek shares the actual final cost of their house, down to the penny – which is $34,667.23. The house is owner designed & built, took about 6-months to build and is 24-feet long.

He also breaks down their biggest expenses and makes some suggestions for how to save money on a build. The biggest expenses were:

  • Kitchen: $5,568.61
  • Trailer: $4,590.95
  • Siding: $2,856.90
  • Windows: $2,414.61

You might wonder if Derek & Hannah are happy with the final cost. The easy answer is yes! They built the house exactly the way they wanted it and didn’t cut corners. They have their dream tiny house.

Now that the house is complete the Life Inside A Box YouTube Channel will not end. In fact, I suspect their channel is going to get even better now as they settle into Life Inside A Box – so go subscribe! 


2 thoughts on “Derek & Hannah’s Tiny House is Done! Cost Just $34,667.23!

  1. Marsha .cowan says:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning, beautiful design and finishes. Thanks for sharing so much how-to in your videos. It was far more than encouraging…it was like wind beneath a DYI builder’s wings. You’re both great! Keep posting about what it is like to live in such a wonderful tiny house. Best wishes!

  2. chris says:

    Congratulations guys . Nice. And so refreshing to see an honest account of Costs.Labour not included. I get sick and tired people portraying fictitious figures. Which gives people a false costing. Building a 36 ft TH and at your figure ,excluding 6 month individual labour.Granted a Goose neck,so more costly,with welding and steel.Plus a 5 Ft extension. And more cost to come to be off the grid.Well done. Just wanted to say building a TH is not for the faint of heart.As you have probably found out? A hell of a lot in a small space . Regards C

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