Jonathan’s Tumbleweed Fencl Update

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the steady progress Jonathan has been making on hisTumbleweed Fencl. It’s nearly complete and I wanted to commend Jonathan for his persistance and clever adaptations. His blog is also packed with a record of the construction progress so if you want to see what it takes to build a tiny house before you pick up your own hammer, read through his blog.

Here are some highlights from Jonathan’s blog:

  • The Trailer
  • Wall Framing
  • Roof Framing
  • Wrapped & Loft
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Siding
  • Interior
  • Flooring & Stove
  • Plumbing Part 1
  • Plumbing Part 2
  • Trim & Tile
  • Bathroom
  • Doors & Knobs
  • Kitchen
  • Storage
  • Steps & Screens
  • Finished Floor
  • Outer Coat of Finish

4 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Tumbleweed Fencl Update

  1. Taft says:

    Thank you for taking the time to document the entire Odyssey. Plans and before & after pics don’t do the journey justice. Sharing the problems and solutions for all who do not want to reinvent the wheel or bang our head against the wall in the same toil and frustration appreciate being able to circumvent the previously unforeseen.

  2. James Parker says:

    This is something that a group of people could do. I mean as a school class project. A program to train juvenile offenders, skill center, shop class, design class. This could supply quality affordable housing to the community as a whole. Materials could be either donated or costs recovered in sale of the unit. The purpose is to produce and train rather than exploit and profit. 75 BILLION DOLLARS could buy enough materials to house more than than it would be possible to build in ten years. Then they can go on with their war if they can get anyone to go. It seems that even 10 billion would do as well and the wars would not even stop, just take a month off.
    Thank you
    James Parker

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