One of my readers, DJ, passed on a link to the Dwellbox project which is currently under construction in Boone, North Carolina. It’s a small house built from ISBU’s (Intermodal Steel Building Units) which simply seems to be a fancy way of saying old shipping container. This little house uses four short cargo containers stacked and welded together.

Progress seems to be happening very quickly. They have setup a simple blog at dwellbox.com and seem to be posting regularly. The team is an experienced and diverse group of people who seem to be focused on showing the viability of this green building technique. This is definitely a project to keep our eyes on.

Leslie, another reader passed on this link to a good overview article building with cargo containers at uship.com. Kent at TinyHouseBlog.com has also written several posts on shipping container houses. There is also more information right here on TinyHouseDesign.com on the same topic.

I personally prefer building with wood but I must admit the idea of a reused steel container is appealing. I’m certain in extreme weather conditions and earthquakes a steel building would be a much safer place to be than a stick build house. Photo credit Dwellbox.com.


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