Drywall and Beer

Beer can make drywalling a tiny house a little easier as long as it’s not mixed together. Well that’s what the Urban Rancher discovered when he installed the drywall in his little cabin somewhere in the mountains above Los Angeles.

In addition to the drywall, he finished some wiring work and got his ‘temporary’ power and phone connections working. You see to meet local planning department requirements the structure must technically be a storage shed and not have ‘permanent’ wiring. So when he’s not there he can just unplug his cabin from the solar panels and/or generator. Seems like a clever solution to me.

He also learned that his experimental cheap fence board siding didn’t work out the way he had hoped. So he’ll be switching over to using some quality cedar shiplap siding on the exterior walls that still need to be covered.

Read his full Drinking beer is way better than installing drywall post.

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