Earthbag Home Update

Owner-builder Aaron posted a progress update on his small earthbag home. One of the aspects we don’t usually see online is the hard work involved in building one’s own small home.

While this video shows just a few minutes of what turned out to be a 19-hour marathon building session – you can get a good idea of how exhausting pouring a concrete bond beam on top of an earthen wall would be. Most folks will use wood but Aaron went with concrete. In the end his home should be much stronger for the extra effort but I wonder if he’d make the same choice next time?

By day Aaron is a web developer and works from home, which is currently a small trailer he shares with his wife and baby girl. Their property is located somewhere in rural west Texas (I think), has a pond, garden, and lots of blackberry brambles. They’ve made a few improvements like having a well drilled but otherwise the property is rustic and without an amenities – sounds like they are carving out an idyllic life.

Great work Aaron! Rock on! Looking forward to more house updates.


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