A Collection of Custom Teardrop Trailers

Roy, one of my newest readers, sent me a link to this great website that’s filled with owner-built teardrop trailers. I’ve spent a lot of time looking through the photos for inspiration. I’ve been wanting to do another version of the conceptual Ultralight Teardrop Trailer for a Bicycle and the link Roy sent has me got me firing my imagination and Google SketchUp again. Most of the trailers on the site are for towing behind a car or truck but there was at least one bike teardrop trailer.







The best part of connecting with Roy through Tiny House Design is that he wants to build teardrop trailer for a bike. He builds bikes out of PVC pipe and wants to build a teardrop trailer with a PVC frame and other people’s scrap building materials.  Take a look at the bikes Roy builds. Also don’t miss the website where I found these great owner-built trailers.


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