Vodafone Mobile Solar Home

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house exterior

Built as a showcase for Vodafone’s fixed phone and wireless internet services this tiny house is a wonderful example of how to create a lot of functionality in a tiny living space. The walls are white polyethylene panels and the most stunning design feature is the clear polycarbonate window wall. The house measures 19.7-feet long, 8.2-feet wide, and 12.6-feet tall and it has a staircase, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom loft, and living room. It’s amazing how much they packed into this tiny house.

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house view

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house interior

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house living room

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house kitchen

La Casa Móvil Vodafone tiny house loft

I especially like the clean interior and ample storage space to keep the clutter out of sight. The bathroom under the staircase is a clever trick and something I’ve not seen before in a mobile tiny house. I’m guessing that the giant window had more to do with the house’s role as a technology showcase but it is a very cool feature; although on a hot day I’m sure cool is the last thing you’d be thinking it was.

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18 thoughts on “Vodafone Mobile Solar Home

  1. Andreas says:

    Great, simple, lean, shiny. The only thing I am thinking about is the isolation (and heating) for living in middle and northern Europe (like in the Netherlands and Germany). I want a mobile, tiny house like this!

  2. Michael Janzen says:

    I agree… this might make a better display case than practical home but it is really well done. With a few modifications, and smaller windows, it could be very usable.

  3. Grant Wagner says:

    I gotta agree with everyone else. I think it’s amazing that they actually got a full stair case and a reasonable height in the second level. Are you sure this guy is only 12 and a half feet tall?

    Very nice modern look, and the double use of a full stair case + book shelf is very nice.

    I wonder if that shade swings out for a proper awning, and is that made from solar flexible arrays? Again, very nice idea.

  4. reddwarf2956 says:

    After going to his blog and using babblefish.com on it and seeing some other links, I think this is designed more to be a RV to show off the wireless connection to the internet than a Tiny house for just living. But, it is perfect for what I want except for the roof. I did double check the height that they stated, 12.6 ft is about 3.5m. But, I am not sure if it includes the trailer, They may have higher road standards for “lorries.”

    There is one photo of the WC w or as we call it bathroom.

  5. reddwarf2956 says:

    One more thing, I did not see anything showing the floor plans. But, I would be cool to see them printed up.

  6. Alex says:

    The exterior is a little weird looking, but it’s absolutely beautiful on the inside.

    I guess if it were mine I would tint the windows or something. But even though they look funny because they’re so big, it must make it feel very roomy from the inside. 🙂

  7. di says:

    Seems like every design tries to fit old ideas into a tiny space. We need to develop new habits:

    -Rather than a table, use your lap.
    -Rather than a separate bedroom, try a daybed or futon couch.
    -Rather than vertical storage, store items under a daybed or couch.
    -Rather than a towel rack, try a simple hook.

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