Urban Rancher Update

There is an incredibly captivating story unfolding in the mountains above Los Angeles of a man building a future of freedom through simplifying his life. Although as you’ll see when you read his latest tale of finding a way to lift a heavy framed wall into place by himself you’ll realize that a simple life doesn’t necessarily come easy. But I suspect for the Urban Rancher (a.k.a ‘E’) his dreams will soon be materializing… just as soon as he gets his tiny house built without dropping part of it on himself. Be carful E! Read more about this project on the Urban Rancher’s blog.



Oh and this is why I drew up the plans for the Tiny Prefab. You see small 4′ by 8′ wall sections are actually pretty heavy but nothing like the weight of a complete framed wall. If you’re building something by yourself consider breaking the structure up into smaller pieces. Unfortunately for E my ebook wasn’t ready by the time he got going on his house… some of the ideas in there might have been able to save him a little time and effort.


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