Jeff’s Cabin & Greenhouse

Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Side Front

A few years back Jeff sent me a link to a tiny house he had built as a place to stay while building his larger home. He finished his larger home, but his original tiny house still get used by guests.

But Jeff still needed some space in the garden for tools, his mower, greenhouse. So Jeff build a second tiny house – this time with multiple functions in mind.

“I found myself needing more storage space, a place for the lawnmower, a greenhouse for wintering over citrus and starting seeds, and a guest house for the occasional times when we run out of beds and sofas here at our home in upstate South Carolina.”

The new tiny house is designed around the windows, which he found while dropping off some recycling.

“I was at our metal recycler, taking scrap aluminum and copper when I noticed several pallets of new windows.  I asked if I could buy a few. I was able to purchase all of the windows for $3 each.  They were headed for the crusher for the scrap aluminum, brand new in the original packaging.  I decided to see if I could incorporate all of my wishes into one building.”

Looks to me like Jeff achieved his goal. The mower can now park in its tiny carport, the tools hang in their tiny outdoor cupboard, and on the inside his citrus can winter-over and his seedlings can get their start. There’s even a bit of space for an extra bunk.

See more of Jeff’s projects on Flickr.

Well done Jeff! Thanks again for sharing your projects with us!

Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Side
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Exterior 2
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Exterior
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Exterior 3
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Shed in Wall
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Interior 2
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Interior
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Interior Bunk
Jeffs Cabin Greenhouse - Interior 3


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