Cabin in Alaska

Rob Fisk sent me these photos of a tiny 8′ x 12′ cabin he and three friends just finished building up near Dillingham, Alaska. Here’s what Rob told me:

I went up in March with 3 friends, dug out the snow, built it, insulated it, and made it cozy in 2-weeks for under $2,000. Two of us had some building experience, and two of us had none. This cabin will serve as a base camp while I build a slightly larger log cabin with a loft next season (this one will be a dry, warm, efficient, bear-proof place to retreat to while building). We hauled the materials out by snow machine, melted snow for water, camped in -9 weather, cooked on a campfire and flat top woodstove. We are all really pleased.

This is the second cabin that I’ve built. I love tiny cabins and owner-built projects. I always felt that if people knew that I could do it, they could too!!! Me and my friends are not burley at all… very small people…..ha!!!

The cabin looks great and a good example of how a small space can be built for so little money. The simple design probably contributed to the overall low cost and time to build. An 8′ x 12′ cabin can be built more easily because it uses the building materials more efficiently. A simple shed roof will also go up much faster because of its simplicity.

Rob also makes experimental music and his first release is titled How to Build a Cabin. You can learn more about this project and the music at COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER.

Thanks again Rob!


16 thoughts on “Cabin in Alaska

    • rob fisk says:

      actually, it is my freezer food…. kept on the roof so that foxes and other animals can’t get to it…

    • rob fisk says:

      hmmmmm…… Michael is right…. stick to 4x8x12 dimensions to reduce cuts and head scratching. Excited to do the log cabin…. 12×12 with a sleeping loft built with trees from the property. this is cozy for now though….

  1. alice says:

    I like the log foundation and that slab trim is very nice. Is that bit of deck out front a sitting spot or more of a table/work surface or just whatever might be needed?

  2. Martin says:

    Nice looking cabin and fantastic view. Will you be painting or oiling the plywood before it delamanates and do you have window shutters? job well done

    • rob fisk says:

      i bought 5 acres for about 3000$…. right next to the togiak national wildlife refuge…. my fav place on earth!

      • Melanie says:

        I’ve been wanting to buy some land and build a tiny house. Can you use this year round? and how far is it from a main road? Humm what about the Real estate agent? what is their contact information?
        I think your little home looks awesome, you and your friends did an excellent job on it..
        Congrats, Melanie and Josh

  3. edward van natta says:

    look all information get help build cabin in one information help build one much money all Help thank you for your time find e-mail or address 1748 Jack Turner Rd Cave city ,Ky 42127

  4. james says:

    Sounds like a good deal you guys got going there. How much does the property on which you live goes for and how do you plan on dealing with water, electrity, garbage and sewage? My wife and I pray for you all safety and good health.

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