Tiny Houseboat

Claude’s tiny house on a trailer is now on a pontoon boat. Lifting it off the trailer and onto a pontoon boat converted this tiny house on wheels to a houseboat.

The houseboat will be powered by a 2.4 kilowatt solar system and can store its electricity in a lithium-ion battery for up to five days. He needs a powerful off-grid system like this to power appliance as well as a 400-watt electric motor that powers the boat’s propeller.

He plans on living aboard during the summers and moving it to other New England lakes in future summers.

“I may try Moosehead Lake, Lake Champlain, Erie Canal, Lake George, Lake Saratoga,” – Claude

Below you can watch a video that shows how a forklift is used to lift the house onto the pontoon boat. For more read about the project on the MIT Alumni blog. Photos by Roger Amsden. Video below by Carla Schwartz.


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