$3750 Tiny Earth Bag Home – Total Cost for Completed Exterior

I love following the progress of this family’s tiny house projects. This time they are building a tiny house for their son Bryson on their homestead. Technically they call this tiny house his bedroom.

$3750 Total Cost Outside completed!! It always feels so great to reach a checkpoint on the buildings! Now we will be moving on to the inside. Can not wait to finish this place up!” – MyLittleHomestead.com

That is really an accomplishment, but on par for a tiny earthbag house. Earthbag construction is one of the least expensive ways to build. Essentially you take what are essentially sandbags, fill them with the right soil mix, and tamp them into layers like big bricks. Homemade adobe blocks might be just slightly cheaper – but when factoring in the effort of mixing adobe and moving blocks around, I think earthbags might win out in the ease-to-construct construct.

This isn’t the first tiny earthbag tiny home – err bedroom – these folks have built on their homestead. Be sure to check out the My Little Homestead website and YouTube channel to see all they are up to next, and for all their past projects.

To learn more about building with earthbags visit Dr. Owen Geiger’s Step-by-Step Earthbag Construction article, where he shows you what you need to build an inexpensive earthbag building and how easy it is to do.

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