Steampunk Bus

Jake von Slatt, who blogs at The Steampunk Workshop, has built a very nice rolling tiny home out of an old school bus. Jake uses it for family camping trips but this bus could easily be a full-time tiny home. It has everything on-board for a family of 4 including a comfortable bathroom, kitchen, bunk-beds and master bedroom.

I was particularly impressed with the amount of reclaimed and recycled stuff in the bus. But I think as you browse through The Steampunk Workshop you’ll find that these folks are experts when it comes to turning junk into works of functional art. The video below is a tour of Jake’s bus.

Read more about this project at The Steampunk Workshop.

4 thoughts on “Steampunk Bus

  1. Craig says:

    This mobile home has a heck of a lot more charm and functionality than any modern mobile McMansion that I’ve come across. I could see something like this as my full time residence.

  2. Just anonomous today says:

    Rolling homes/Lidz, Jane. Book written in 1970’s great stuff in it but there are several others similar…..Wish I could too.

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