Signal Shed

I spotted this on materialicious the other day. It’s a cabin in Oregon. The designer, Ryan Lingard, actually calls it an adventure outpost, which has a nice ring to it too. I just have no idea how an adventure outpost differs from a cabin but it does sound like fun.

There are a few things I really like about the signal shed. The first is it’s modern design which seems to be uncommon among tiny houses. Its shape is a simple rectangular shed but the front porch is cut-out from the otherwise rectangular box. This provides a nice semi-protected exterior space and breaks up the otherwise plain shape. To top it off a large door can roll open to bring the outside in. For those nights and days when this is not ideal the large door can be closed.

The other thing I like is how it has been designed to be secure while the owner is away. Notice that the small windows are hidden behind the wall slats on the side and back walls. The windows also seem like they would also be too small to climb through even if the exterior siding were cut or removed. All this adds up to an aesthetically pleasing design that is secure without overtly looking fortified. Photo credit to Ryan Lingard.



3 thoughts on “Signal Shed

  1. LB says:

    This really is darn perfect for my VERY urban setting – I’ve all along planned on finishing one off myself -er, with someone else being paid to do that- clerestory windows / skylights and undersized windows etc. Even with Jay’s Tumbler’s: so much glass! Maybe I’m the only one who has been the victim of a violent crime as well as home robbery, but some of the designs …PTSD/esigns!

    If anyone wants to get together and design the ‘Lautner’s’ and ‘Case Study Homes of Tiny’ Houses etc, I am all for it. (I state with no experience nor proven talent.) When the day comes I have my home, your first inkling that it might be me will be the Eames House Bird: prominent in an angled loft window …dreamy.

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