Mobility Can Open Up Job Opportunities

I was reading this morning and it looks like Hillary and Michael will be moving to San Diego soon. Michael got a job opportunity down in San Diego that’s too good to pass up.

Ironically I was talking with a journalist the other day about tiny houses and a thought popped out of my head that mobility might become a real asset in our even troubled economy. I know I for one would feel the need to move if I were laid off. There aren’t too many good web designer and online marketing jobs in the Sacramento area. But with a tiny house I could theoretically keep my house in Sacramento and park a tiny house in the silicon valley a few days a week if I had to. It would be rough but it could work if times got that tough. But I digress…

Good luck to Hillary and Michael on your move to San Diego. I’m sure we’ll be able to follow your continuing adventure on Photo credit Hillary and Michael.


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