Tiny House Boat

I spotted this on materialicious. It’s a houseboat in Oldenberg, Germany that measures 14 meters long, 4 meters high and 3 meters wide. I like it because it suggests a very different approach and aesthetic for tiny house design.

It was built by designers Flo Florián and Sascha Akkermann, who also run a website called confused-direction. It’s got a green roof, produces no emissions, and is made from a lot of reclaimed materials. It really inspires me to reconsider an alternative roof line for my tiny free house. Also find more details on this tiny house boat at Schwimmhausboot. If you can’t read German try this translated link instead. Photo credit to Flo Florián and Sascha Akkermann.

6 thoughts on “Tiny House Boat

  1. Justin says:

    I updated the post – turns out the pics are of a model, and the boat is being built in the yard. It will presented next March at a house works fair in Oldenberg. No floorplans, sorry.

  2. Cristoph Lewis says:

    I think they will find that this Houseboat is very unstable at only 9.6 feet wide,44.4 feet long and 12.5 feet high!!

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