Life Inside A Box – Building a Tiny House

Derek and Hannah are building a tiny house at Life Inside A Box. The video below is a record of what Derek built on Day 18 of their tiny house build. Right now is a great time to jump-in and follow their project.

The walls of the house are up, and Derek is fastening the exterior sheathing. So there are 17 previous construction days documented on their YouTube channel – so you can catch-up n quickly; plus he is posting a new video almost every day.

Derek and Hannah are both digital nomads – work online from home promoting a plant-based vegan diet on YouTube and from their best selling recipe books. You can learn more about their books at Raw Till Whenever.

Their experience publishing online has really polished their content creation craft – and you’ll notice that in the high quality of their videos and articles.

Derek has some building experience too, but his specialty is in electrical work.  So much of what he’s doing right now is being learned on-the-fly, and with some help from the online tiny house community. He’s also doing almost all of the work on the house himself so far – with just some extra help raising the walls.

So if you’re looking for a lot of practical information on building a tiny house and want to see how everything goes together, follow them on their YouTube channel and catch-up on their building a tiny house blog page.

Life Inside A Box - Building a Tiny House

Life Inside A Box - Building a Tiny House Loft

Life Inside A Box - Building a Tiny House Sheathing

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