The Hickshaw by Derek Diedricksen

“The Hickshaw” is what Derek Diedricksen has (re)named this little tiny house which cost him about $200 to build. It has a comfortable and useful interior that measures somewhere between 14 and 15 square feet. It’s made from a lot of recycled building materials and the lumber used is entirely sustainably grown Vermont White Cedar.

If this tiny house is much too extreme for you, be sure to check out Derek’s Vermont Cabin that is a much more generous 384 square feet.

If you appreciate the extreme and somewhat wacky tiny houses be sure to visit Deek’s website, Relaxshack’s Blog, and get a peek at his incredibly inventive imagination and get a preview of his tiny house book… Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here!).

Thanks again for sharing these photos with Tiny House Design first Deek!

6 thoughts on “The Hickshaw by Derek Diedricksen

  1. Billy Thonas says:

    excuss me did u say $200 bucks omg cheap i have money like that i could build one and i would but in another 7 years im to young only 🙁

  2. Ralph Sly says:

    This is ridiculously amusing; I would need a funnel and a hose to an outside holding tank if I took that wine and got in there by myself, of course if I took this effort, I would take two, ok, maybe 3 bottles with me. (if you take drinking alone to this extent, make it a prominent problem) I would want it built for two. Chances of finding someone to cuddle in this thing would be slim to none but there must be a crazy lady out there.

    I just versioned hauling it like a rickshaw home after an outing in it. Na, I will just stay with the fireplace and comfy chair with my wine. Grant you, if a crazy lady came around and wanted to try it, ya, I would build it, She would have to be old though I’m old, How did that happen? Pass me the wine, even have a spot for it. LOL

  3. Angela M. Johnson says:

    How about approaching some rich folks to donate land and funds to build tiny house developments for vets and homeless singles. They can actually get funding when they have addresses. You can’t get a job, your vets benefits, medical care or social security without an address. You would be doing a great social service. God bless you.

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