Minimal Mansion – Timber Frame Tiny House


I just spotted this on Tiny House Forum and wanted to share it with you. I’ve seen very few timber frame tiny houses and none on a trailer. The Minimal Mansion is 30-feet long, 8.5-feet wide, and 13.5-feet tall. In other words it’s just about as big as you can build and still tow it down the road without a permit in most states.

The design was inspired by the Tumbleweed houses but this house differs in construction and design than many of Jay’s tiny houses.

  • Size – This tiny house is a bit longer than the tiny houses.
  • Timber Frame – Instead of traditional framing a timber frame structure was used.
  • Full Bath – The bathroom contains a composting toilet, shower, and sink. There is even room for a small combination washer/dryer.
  • No Loft – The bed is on the main level. The high ceiling gives the house an open feeling.
  • Reclaimed Trailer – The trailer was once a travel trailer found used on craigslist.

The entire construction process has been captured in photography and descriptive captions at You can also discuss the project in the forum at

minimal-mansion-trailer minimal-mansion-timber-frame minimal-mansion-house-plan

Photo credit to the folks at Minimal Mansion.


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