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Assembles in One Day – “France” by Pin-Up Houses

I would like to introduce you to a new prefabricated experimental tiny house by Pin-Up Houses. They call it “France.” It consists of 21 separate insulated panels that are connected together with threaded rods. The house can be assembled and reassembled easily in just one day. This tiny house is made up of three main […]

L’Odyssée – French Tiny House

This 217 square foot tiny house was built by Baluchon, a tiny house company in Nantes, France. I really like the way the white walls and different woods work together to brighten and define the space. It has two lofts, and an unusual design feature there too. One loft, accessed by stairs, is more like a […]

Blee Cabin – Renovated Ruin

An old mill in southwestern France built in 1822 served as the basis of this small 2 bedroom, 215 square foot cabin. Londoners Anthony and Gillian Blee bought the property in 1981 and began the transformation in 2010 with the help of Blee’s design partner, Lee Halligan. They prefabricated panels that would fit in the back of […]

Shelter House by Franklin Azzi

This is a beautiful old small home in Normandy, France that has been completely renewed. I like that the architect, Franklin Azzi, chose to keep the original small footprint relatively intact. There seem to be so many renovations that take an old small home and make it big. It’s nice to one that stayed relatively […]

Cube Shaped Vacation Rental by Carre d’etoiles

These tiny houses are vacation rentals designed to provide very comfortable accommodations for those who want to get-out while not giving up all the comforts of home. On their website they describe these cubes as being an excellent way for hotel operators to expand their business affordably while offering a completely different kind of accommodation. […]