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Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution by Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson’s new book Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is now available. You may already be familiar with Alex’s blog, Shedworking, which regularly features shed designs, builders, and people who work from home in their own garden offices. Shedworking features stories of people discovering ways to improve their work-life balance by creating simple alternatives to […]


I think this might be the anti-cubicle. It’s a backyard home office workspace called the archipod. It sure looks cool but it just seems really really weird when you stop to look at the combination of details. The first thing, after the spaceship hatch, that I noticed didn’t seem right were the shingles that cover […]

8x8x8 Cube – Backyard Office Concept

Julia and I have decided last weekend to seriously consider building a tiny office for me in our backyard. I work from home full-time and use a bedroom in the house as my office. The only trouble is that when the dogs are barking, or Katie is playing loudly, it gets a little difficult to […]

A closer look at the Sonoma Shanty tiny house plans

The Sonoma Shanty is an affordable tiny house solution that came out of a collaboration between Kent Griswold and Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer. This is actually one of the projects that was born from a meet-up a few of us had last year at Jay Shafer’s place in Sebastopol, California. You […]

Could This Be Shedworking HQ?

Alex at Shedworking recently left his garden shed office behind when he moved. After settling into his new place he then invited people to submit ideas and designs for his next shed. Of course this sounded like a lot of fun to me so I fired up Google Sketchup and my imagination and got to […]