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Jonathan’s House is Complete

Except for a few minor details Jonathan’s tiny house, a Tumbleweed Fencl, is complete and has left Flint, Michigan. His new temporary home is a well-kept¬†wooded campground on a lake. The only drawback seems to be the tours… yep… tours. His tiny house has rapidly become quite an attraction and his new neighbors are just […]

Paddy’s Poorboy Special

This is Paddy’s tiny house which is located in Harbert, Michigan. He calls it his Poorboy special because it’s built on a low budget, although you can’t really tell from the photos because he’s done such a nice job with the house. Currently it’s about 75% complete and built with second hand parts and building […]

Gungadin’s Tumbleweed Fencl

Tonight I ran across the story of a fellow in Flint, Michigan that is building a Tumbleweed Fencl. The Fencl is an 8′ by 19′ tiny house on a trailer designed by Jay Shafer. The interior square footage is just 130 square feet and the plan features an open main room with a sleeping loft […]

Bob’s Tiny House

A few days ago Bob from Michigan (just west of Detroit) sent me these photos of the tiny house he’s building. Like many of us Bob’s interest in tiny houses is emerging from things like the rising cost of housing, restrictive zoning laws, and consumerism. In his email he says… and I couldn’t have said […]