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Minimalist Kitchens & Cooking – Part 2

Stone Soup – Minimalist Home Cooking has published the second part of their minimalist kitchen series. Their first article included what NOT to include in a minimalist kitchen; this second article focuses on the essentials of a minimalist kitchen. While several Tiny House Design readers didn’t agree with all their suggestions in the first article […]

Minimalist Kitchens & Cooking – Part 1

Tiny houses require thinking differently about food preparation. At first this might seem like a design challenge but it really begins with what you eat and how you cook. Recently I found a wonderful blog called Stone Soup – Minimalist Home Cooking which is filled with wonderful articles on simple food and recipes. Stone Soup […]

Williams Cabin by Stephen Atkinson

The results are impressive when professional architects that appreciate and design small houses. I’ve really enjoyed exploring Stephen Atkinson’s website and found another nice example of a small home, this time a minimalist cabin in Durango, Colorado. While it’s always surprising to me to see flat and shallow pitched roofs on homes in snow country […]