Minimalist Kitchens & Cooking – Part 1

Tiny houses require thinking differently about food preparation. At first this might seem like a design challenge but it really begins with what you eat and how you cook. Recently I found a wonderful blog called Stone Soup – Minimalist Home Cooking which is filled with wonderful articles on simple food and recipes.

Stone Soup just started a series titled how to set up a minimalist kitchen which looks like a great resource for beginning the process of designing a small house kitchen. The first article focuses on what not to include in a simple kitchen.

There is no relation (that I know of) between Stone Soup and Jay Shafer but here’s a photo of Jay in his tiny house kitchen. Photo by Amanda. Continue to read Part 2.

6 thoughts on “Minimalist Kitchens & Cooking – Part 1

  1. Kevin Lura says:

    I love the site but I dont agree with alot of the tips in that article.

    I will have to read it more later. I noticed it recommend dropping the microwave, I think many tiny houses need that more than ever. I would rather have a convection and grilling microwave than an oven in some of the smaller houses!

    • Michael Janzen says:

      “I love the site but I dont agree with alot of the tips in that article.”

      Absolutely… I don’t know if I do. What I really like about the site and article is that it gives us a peek at how minimal one can go.

  2. Damon Talbert says:

    I have a convection microwave that I use way more than my conventional oven. In some of the small houses I have designed for myself I use a convection microwave and a small 2 burner glass cook top. I put the convection microwave under the counter below the cook top. I use my microwave 99% of the time. Just can’t cook a turkey in it.

  3. Logan says:

    Great follow up article Michael. Its great that you have been joined by another blogger in a growing interest regarding simplicity and food prep. 🙂 Tammy and I have gotten to the point that we only have one kitchen appliance that uses electricity and that is the refrigerator. Some folks can’t live without a microwave or a toaster but we found that due to poor quality manufacturing and planned obsolescence we never had a new kitchen appliance that lasted more than a couple years. All that waste in electricity and appliance garbage made us stop and consider alternatives. We now hand pour our coffee and prepare many meals in a “one-pot” stove top style. We still use the gas oven but we’d love to try a solar oven one day. 🙂


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