Rick’s Tiny House in the Woods

I stumbled quite by accident on Rick Harrison’s blog tonight. Rick has created a quite little place to live in a forest in Wisconsin. He built his tiny house out of a 1950’s travel trailer that measures about 7′ by 12′. His water comes from a slightly elevated 50 gallon barrel, heat from a small propane heater, and his plumbing is a lovable loo style composting toilet. If his plans work out this will soon be his full time home.

While many people will think this choice of lifestyle is a bit extreme I’m always inspired by folks that have the courage to step outside the norm and build themselves such extremely sustainable lives. Rick had a bit of a head start having lived on sailboats for 20 years.

My hat off to you Rick… and I’m really looking forward to following your progress online.

Rick’s blog: The Realm of the Eighty



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