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Ashlee Fazio – Destiny Dweller

The following is a guest post from Ashlee Fazio, 25 year old homeschool teacher from New York. (The beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley is where she calls “home”, about an hour and a half train ride North of the Big Apple.) She blogs at Destinydweller.com and you can find her on social media at Facebook, Instagram (@destinydweller), Snapchat (@destinydweller), and […]

A Tiny Task – Builds a Tiny House in 3 days!

TaskRabbit’s Tiny House will be auctioned off for charity with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges through collaboration and creative problem solving. Tiny House is a symbol of our shared vision and a reminder that, given the right tools and the right opportunities, no […]

Rustic Elegance in the Catskills

One of my long-time readers, Eva, sent me a link to this incredible little cabin in the Catskills. At first glance it may look like a simple rustic cabin, but on closer inspection the level of fit and finish expose the truth that this is the cabin of gifted artisans. Kim and Jonny began this […]

Shedding Identities

You might remember the story I posted a few weeks ago about a tiny house built on a rock, which was sent to me by one of my readers, Mark Rogers. Mark just sent me another story of a tiny house in the Catskills. The following is a guest post by Mark M. Rogers I […]

Tiny Tree House in New York

This tree house is the work of designers at Baumraum, a German design company that specializes in extreme tree houses. This tiny modern tree house is perched high in a Maple tree overlooking the Hudson River. I’m certain this was not an inexpensive project but wanted to share it with your for it’s ingenuity. I […]

More on Ben Landry’s Tiny House in Binghamton, New York

A few days I posted a short blurb on a fellow named Ben Landry in Binghamton, New York who is building a 250 square foot tiny house. I’ve not been able to make contact with Ben yet but I did a little research and was able to dig up some good information on Binghamton’s building […]