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Palladio’s Escape in the news

There was a nice article on Ricky Newcomer’s Palladio’s Escape Cottage small prefab house at the TheNewsStar.com. The house is prefabricated and then assembled at the work site using bolts, metal plates, and a crane. The prototype pictured here took about four months to design and build but only 3 days to assemble. Now that all […]

Palladio’s Escape Cottage Update

Ricky Newcomer has uploaded a new set of photos to his Facebook page. For those of you without Facebook accounts I’ve posted some of them here so you can see how this prefab house is assembled and what interior wall framing looks like. Read my first post on Palladio’s Escape Cottage to learn more about […]

Palladio’s Escape Cottage

I spotted this incredible little house on Facebook recently. It’s the creation of Ricky Newcomer and a prototype for a prefab building system he’s developing that could be built by a contractor or owner-builder. The cottage you see here is 412 square feet and the shell would cost in the neighborhood of $29,000 to build […]