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Justin’s Tiny House Update

Justin Peer is building a tiny house on the outskirts of London, England and the exciting part is just now underway; the walls are going up. He’s building it from a lot of reclaimed (and some new) building materials. So far he’s got the trailer all painted and prepped, the floor down and some of […]

Tiny House Cooking & Small Living Journal

This latest edition of Small Living Journal is now online. This time we focused on the topic of Food and Cooking in Tiny Houses. This is one area that has been rarely covered in tiny house blogs and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has wondered how people work live day-to-day with such […]

Small Living Journal Issue 5

Get the next issue of Small Living Journal hot off the press. In this issue of Small Living Journal we focus on our dreams, goals and plans for the future. As you read you’ll notice that each of us has a different approach. The diverse nature of our backgrounds must explain our different paths; but […]

Small Living Journal: Issue 4

The latest issue of the bi-weekly webzine on the small home movement is now online. This issue is focused on Do-It-Youself Projects. My contribution is a video that shows how I draw the 3D drawings you see here on Tiny House Design using Google SketchUp. The video is a little rough but shows you how […]

Bi-Weekly Small Living Journal

We launched the next issue of the Small Living Journal a day early. This issue is on downsizing and we have included articles from three new participants: Heather from The GreenestDollar; Christina from DeclutterLife, and Jonathan, an educator who’s passionate about what he refers to as “mainstream small”.  My contribution it titled, Don’t Downsize – Right-Size.