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This is what a $25K Tiny House looks like

When the tiny house movement was new, $25K tiny homes were common. In fact owner-builders often reported spending $15K to $25K to build their homes themselves. These days, with all the tiny house hype on television and luxury tiny homes popping-up, it seems like there are more and more $75K tiny houses – which makes […]

Yes Wee Cabins by Tim Guiles

This is Tim Guiles, a tiny house builder up in Vermont. His tiny house company is called Yes Wee Cabins. Tim has been living in tiny spaces since 1988 when he bought a sailboat that he lived aboard full-time for three years. During that time he learned the benefits of downsizing his possessions first hand. […]

Wildflower Tiny House For Sale

I just got an email from Kim who stumbled on a tiny house for sale in the Minneapolis craigslist. The seller is asking $22,900 for this tiny house. It measures 8′ by 18′ and when mounted on a trailer is 13′ 5″ (trailer not included). Thanks to Kim for passing this on to me. I […]

Little House on the Trailer Open House

If you’re in northern California on the weekend following Thanksgiving you might be interested in getting a first hand look at the tiny houses built by Stephen Marshall at The Little House on the Trailer in Petaluma. They will be hosting an open house on Saturday, November 29th from 9am to 3pm and will be […]

Tiny Texas Houses in the News

I just spotted this article on Tiny Texas Houses and the tiny house movement in general. Tiny Texas Houses build tiny homes from renewable materials and salvaged stuff. These little houses are a nice example of how old items can be reused to make something new. The article spotlights some people who’ve bought these tiny […]

Inhabit Modern Dwellings

I just stumbled across this tiny house builder in North Vancouver. Great little modern design and if you’re local they can come and assemble on of these little houses within three weeks of your order. The have designs available from 100 to 500 square feet and can also do custom design work. I didn’t see […]

Tumbleweed Houses

So far the most inspiring tiny houses I’ve seen are designed by a Jay Shafer, the original founder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. He got started over 10 years ago back in Iowa but is now living in Sabastopol, California. His houses are well crafted and carefully designed miniature homes often no larger than […]