This is what a $25K Tiny House looks like

When the tiny house movement was new, $25K tiny homes were common. In fact owner-builders often reported spending $15K to $25K to build their homes themselves.

These days, with all the tiny house hype on television and luxury tiny homes popping-up, it seems like there are more and more $75K tiny houses – which makes little sense to me.

Call me old-fashion. I thought the tiny house movement was about saving money, living simply, and lowering one’s environmental impact. Well… the builder of the tiny house pictured here seems to understand this frugal side of the tiny house movement too. YEAH!

This is a 144 square foot tiny house built by a RVIA certified builder – and they are asking the fair price of $25,500 (see the original post here).

It features closed-cell spray foam insulation, a metal roof, lots of pine and cedar, a full bathroom, kitchen, granite counters, and a loft. The house is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Now this may not be the style of house everyone will like, or have all the features, but it’s an excellent example of how a tiny house can be professionally built on a reasonable budget.

Is there a place for $50k, $75K, and $100K tiny homes? Sure… but expensive tiny homes aren’t the norm – no matter what you see on TV. Luxury tiny homes look amazing with all their stainless steel, granite, marble, and fine woodworking; and I’m sure there will be a market for homes like that. They are just not the attainable homes the tiny house movement grew so popular around.

I’m also sure there are some folks that will say they can do more for less. By all means make it so – I bet you can. Truth be told, with lots of frugal choices and scouring craigslist for leftover building materials a lot can be accomplished for less. But I’ll argue that the house you build yourself from reclaimed and recycled materials will still cost you something like $25K if you count your time.

So at the very least, houses like this Cedar Tiny House can be used as a baseline as you imagine your dream tiny home. It also serves as a good reminder that tiny houses don’t need to cost nearly $100K or be decked out with all the bells and whistles to provide the owner with a great place to live.

To see if this house is still for sale, visit Tiny House Listings.

25K Cedar Tiny Home Interior

25K Cedar Tiny Home Interior 2

25K Cedar Tiny Home Kitchen

25K Cedar Tiny Home Bathroom

25K Cedar Tiny Home Loft

25K Cedar Tiny Home


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