The Great Escape – now in Texas

I’ve been following James and Kristen‘s tiny house construction story for months and today have great news. They have made it past an enormous milestone and have left Massachusetts behind and made the trek down to Texas where they will now sit a spell. Their blog, Escape from Destiny, catalogs their step-by-step tiny house construction process including all the tough times and tight spots they managed to work through.

They have a place to park in Texas temporarily but are looking for a more permanent place to live. I’m not sure where they hope to end up but I suspect life is a little more about following their noses now and beginning to enjoy some of the benefits their tiny house will provide. Congratulations on this major milestone James and Kristen!

3 thoughts on “The Great Escape – now in Texas

  1. keith collins says:

    well i seen some tiny house but those in gerogia and south what dothey do sit on ice to stay cool it in the 90s everywhere ,, those tiny house be like a hot box without shade or even with shade.

    i take it the state camping park would outlaw you
    business, if it caught on some oen would wnt to tax you living space out of angry .no more property taxes keith

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Hi Keith,

      I think your fears are unwarranted. Many people are making these work in all sorts of climates and the energy needed to heat and cool is incredibly low because they are much better insulated than travel trailers and other make-shift shelters.

      As fas as acceptance at camping facilities, they are not shunned, they are typically attractions.


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